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Unleash The Real You - Mindset Workshop

- Deeply understand with absolute clarity how your attitudes and beliefs were formed
- Make a firm decision to replace some old beliefs and develop new ones that serve you today
- Develop a new sense of awareness about how you are currently living VS. how you really want to live
- Start making conscious choices VS acting like a robot following certain programming from childhood
- Define and start to play the role you have always wanted to play
- You will create a LIFE MAP which will track your journey through life, your childhood influences and experiences and marks out important people and events along the way
- LIFE MAP activity will also provide you clarity on who you really are and what you truly desire
to be in this lifetime.

This is an interactive workshop with a perfect mix of lecture, self-discovery activity, and group discussion conducted in a safe, supportive, and respectful environment where you will not be judged, shamed and labeled. It is conducted in an environment where you will be heard, understood, supported, respected, and empowered.

Bonus: 1 FREE 60-minute private, one-on-one Life Purpose coaching session (optional and to be
booked in advance)

About The Facilitator:
Tony is a life coach specializing in emotional mastery, relationships, and life purpose. He studied under the official coaching school of Tony Robbins and taught by the world’s brightest lights in the coaching world, Master Coach Trainers Mark and Magali Peysha. He is also a Certified Life Purpose Quest Workshop Facilitator and taught by one of the leading Coach Trainers in the world, Joeel and Natalie Rivera. He firmly believes that it is never too early nor is it too late for anyone to live the life they want to live.

He is the founder of and is currently working on being certified as an NLP Practitioner and NLP Life Coach as well as Master Life Coach.

Age: 15+ | All materials included
Pre-Register: 300 AED + 5% VAT
Workshop Day: 350 AED + 5% VAT

Price: 300 AED + 5% VAT (All materials are included)
RSVP with your full name, mobile number, and email id at: or
Whatsapp: +971551369454 (
Limited seats only!